El Karaoke de DJ Tony ComPutadora (2018) from Itzel Basualdo on Vimeo.

DJ Tony ComPutadora is an artificially intelligent DJ and fictional character. The lyrics in "Tu Que Amor" were produced with machine learning technologies, and by training DJ Tony on the lyrics and melodies of over fifty different salsa songs. The songs were chosen based on their popularity and relevance: “Top 50 Salsa Songs of All Time” lists that appeared on Google, for example. The somewhat intelligible lyric and melodic results were then displayed in conjunction to create a Frankenstein-esque salsa, whose langauge (and song title) is reminiscent of the genre and misogyny of its culture.

But DJ Tony ComPutadora is a humble artificially intelligent DJ and knows he must leave way for the more iconic Madonna. The audience is invited to sing throughout the entirety of the karaoke at their discretion.